The Content Creating Formula for Internet Marketing (for 2021)

how to sell anything on the internet


Marketing goes with content. The same way content moves with selling. For you to sell anything, being a service or product, you have to show; one, what problem the product or service will solve. That is the only thing that will help your buyer, customer or client understand you better. In the content, you will have to demonstrate and show how best your product to help and solve their problem. This makes it very important for which content format to use to sell our product. Today, there a lot of content formats available for us to use on the internet. Let’s look at more of them as we proceed.

Types of Content for Internet Marketing

One of my friends once told me that, she loves creating audio content like voiceovers, podcasts. That is because she can’t stand in front of a camera and record her face. Well, she is right. Because she is doing what she feels she can do best. She thinks she can reach her audience through her voice by recording audios. So, as an internet marketer what is the best way you can communicate with your audience to be able to convert them to become your customers.

You can do this in a lot of ways. Videos, podcasts, articles, illustrations, photos, carousels, GIFS, emails swipes, and more. I can’t tell you what content format you should use. You have to choose which format you can best communicate with your audience. But, I can recommend the best one that can grab the attention of your audience for them to become your customers. It is said that videos or pictures can explain in seconds what a thousand words can do in 5 paragraphs. So, creating content in video formats gets your message delivered very faster, easy to understand. This does not make the content format not effective. They are all valuable. Your audience is a lot of people from different backgrounds in culture, society, education, lifestyle, language, and more. So it will be better to develop a variety of ways to communicate with them. The best part is to know how to deliver your message. How to present your content to them. Most sellers or marketers on the internet miss this. The best marketers I know on the internet knows how to present their message or products. Now, what made you click on the link that brought you to this website to read this article? You can put it in the comment section below. This will lead us to the next paragraph. How to deliver your product.

how to sell anything on the internet

How to Deliver and get Attention

Attention is all we need to sell on the internet or in real life. How do you get your attention? What should you do that get the attention of your audience to become your customers? What grabs the attention of people? What makes you stop scrolling on Facebook, Google, YouTube, or Instagram? This amounts to the first word you hear or read. That is, the headline or title. Headlines, titles are the keys to get the attention of anyone on the internet or the streets. So, what should your title, headline, or first word sound or look like? This can make you think so hard and even get burnout. It can take you days and a lot of searches to be able to come up with the best title or headline for your ads or content. You have big and small competitors and they are also planning to crush you on the market (internet). Your content or headline should be able to convince the audience to choose you over your competitors. Think of the book with the title, “Think and Grow Rich”. If you see this as the title of a content being a video, photo, email, gif, illustration, or in any other content, will you click to check it out or not? I can say that how 80% of people who see this will take action and click to Learn More. Why? Because the headline or title is so powerful that it has your interest. You want to be rich right? So what does this mean? You have to show them their interest. What their interested in not what you are interested in. this is one of the best ways to get the attention of your audience over and over again. And this can make you sell more and more.

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The Best Format to Deliver your Content or Ads

What is the best way you think you make to deliver your content? Comment on this in the comment section below. For me, there is no best content for format. All of them work well. Some of your audience love to check their emails and also love to check their Facebook or Instagram inbox, some also love to watch videos and read articles and some also like to listen to podcasts and audios. So what do you think you have to do? Have to get everyone what they want if that will make them want to buy. When can do this, you will always sell more than to competitors.

In any format your ad or content may be in, and whatever your ad objective is you have to show your audience their interest. That will make them click and take that action you want them to take.

Why is this Internet so Important?

The world is the same as 20 years ago. There has been a lot of change. This change has taken place in the people, culture, lifestyle, business, and other important components of human life. We are focusing on the business and lifestyle side here. The traditional way of doing things is fading away in business. And for every business to prosper, it needs marketing. So you need to market your business on the internet. You need to start doing this if you want your business to still be alive in the next 10 years of your life. You may be late now, but you can ahead of some of your competitors in time to come.

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