The 3 Customer Journey to a Successful Online Marketing (Used by Top Brands and Companies)

to get customers to buy

Why the 3 Customer Journey

There are a lot of ways to do social media marketing or what we all call, digital marketing in general. How do top brands and companies do their marketing online? How are they able to reach a large number of audiences and then narrow them down to get potential and reliable customers for them to buy their products or services? What is their secret?

That is the theme of this blog post you are reading now. The 3 customer journey for successful internet marketing. This method or strategy is used by top companies in the world right now. Most importantly the platform we do most of our marketing on also uses this method. For example Facebook and Instagram, Google, and more. So it will be in your own best interest to also use the same strategy to get your business or product off the ground. The 3 customer journey is not just a marketing plan or strategy, is the best way to deal with human’s especially people we want to market to and want them to buy our products or services. The 3 customer journey will help you narrow your marketing and target a specific type of your audience who will buy from you.

It is the best practice to take your customers through a process. Test them and know their interest and then base on the results you get, you show your product to them. That is called the best marketing strategy based on how the human brain works. Now let’s get to the journey. What are these 3 journeys that we have to take our customers through? Remember along with their journey, you have to be with your customers all the time. You don’t have to leave them. Let’s see the 3 customer journey certified by Facebook marketing.

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The 3 customer journey


The 3 Customer Journey

The 3 customer journey is a factor in digital marketing today. The same strategy is used by top brands and large companies all over the world today. What are these 3 significant journeys? There are:

  1. Awareness
  2. Consideration
  3. Conversion

Yes, just these 3 steps to successful online marketing as far as social media marketing is a concern. It is a bad practice to sell to your audience the first you get them. They might not buy because they may not see the use of what they are buying. They are maybe unclear. So you need to take on a journey. Walk with them, tell them about your business, product, or service. Let them know how best your product, business, or service is. Now leave them to make a decision. You don’t need to put pressure on them or pursue them at all. This is simply the 3 customer journey. Do this and you will get real customers who will buy and buy again and tell others too to buy from you. This will also help you get quality customers who are hard to find when you do traditional marketing. Now let’s go deeper into the 3 customer journey.

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1.      Create Awareness for your Business

Hey there,

Welcome to 10x Social Media Marketing Agency. Will help local and international businesses grow online with our best converting digital marketing strategy. You will help you grow your audience on social media who will, later on, become your customers. We have helped tones of business in and out of the country to scale up in sales and productivity with the help of our digital marketing strategy. We can also help the same. You just have to visit our website “” for more information.

If that was an ad in a video format you see on Facebook, YouTube, or Instagram, no doubt that was to tell you that there is a social media marketing agency where we helping small startups grow their business online. This marketing objective will be to create a brand or business awareness. This objective is to gather audiences who are interested in digital marketing. And we will be targeting entrepreneurs, businessmen and women, CEOs and other people who handle or manage businesses whether their own or not. This will be 1 of 3 of the customer journey. We will get a large number of people who will show interest in it. That sounds very good. That we don’t have to be too excited, there is more to do. Now that we have ended the first journey, let’s move to the next stage of the journey.

1.Create Awareness for your Business
Create Awareness for your Business

2.      Tell your audience to Consider the benefits of your product or service over others

Hey there,

Thank you for showing interest in doing social media marketing for your business. You have made a very smart move that other entrepreneurs or businessmen and women find it hard to do. You are 10x head of them. Well done. The world is changing and moving fast right now and everything is changing in the business world. Digital marketing is the future of every successful business in the next 2 decades. Letting us help market and advertise your business online will help improve in a lot of areas. It will help you know and target your real audience and convert them into customers. It will also help you build a big and successful brand. And a lot of people will hear about your business. Traditional marketing like TV commercials, radio commercials, billboards, and others are no more effective today and will just waste your money and time. And in the long run, your business will get stacked. I know you don’t want to happen to your business right? So take action now and save your business from dying. Visit our website now to sign up for any of our 3 super effective digital marketing packages that will match your current budget. I’m waiting there. See you soon.

That was the second level of the journey. We told our audience to consider doing business with us to help them build a social media presence. This stage is very important since it is the center of the journey. Your audience may decide to follow you again base on this stage. Thus maybe because they may not have the money to pay you, or buy your product or package. This will reduce the number of audiences who will complete the journey to becoming your customers. Don’t feel bad about it that is how marketing and selling works. Remember we are looking for quality costumes, we are not just looking for the number of customers. Let them know that your product, business, or service is the best they can find now and they don’t have to miss it. Now, let’s move to the last level of the journey. I call this stage “cash out time” and a time to simile and see the fruit of your hard work.


3.      It is conversion time (see the money coming)


At this time make sure your bank account is ready to receive money without getting tired. Is a happy time because sales are about to drop in like crazy. Now we can sell to our verified customers. And we know for sure that they will buy because they have understood the importance and how useful our product or service is to them. At this level of the journey, you just have to tell them where they can find and buy what they want.  Do you don’t need to talk anymore? You just have to make sure they get what that buys. And most importantly their card details will be secured. That is very important for you and to your customers.

This will be a bonus tip. Make sure that after they are done with the payment, you send them to a thank you page. This is to tell your customers how grateful you are for buying or doing business with you. And from that point, since you have their phone number or email, send them a newsletter whenever there is a new product or service. This will help them keep you in mind and come back for more.

Sales and marketing are the oxygen of every successful business. – DEAN GRAZIOSI

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