1 new way to make money from eBooks (works 100%)


This is how you make money from eBooks

How can just eBooks make you money on the internet? If this is your first time hearing this, or you have come across something like this on the internet before, share is with us at the comment section. This will not make you rich but can add up to your multiple streams of income to make passive income flow. Having multiple streams of income online is the most important thing you can do for yourself to get out of the Rat Race.

There are multiple platforms that can help us do this, but today i will tell you about two that works best. You can easily upload eBooks online and get paid for it. You can also be an affiliate to this network and whenever someone joins this program through your affiliate link, you make a commission instantly. Let’s dive deeper and learn more about how to upload eBooks and get paid for it. 

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how to get started on this program and make money from eBooks 

This network accepts all countries to have an account on the platform. With most affiliate networks and money online programs, some countries are excluded like Ghana, Nigeria, Russia, Pakistan, and more. But on this platform, you can create an account from any location and country. That is soo cool right?

So what is the name of these two platforms? The name of the first platform is uploadship.com. Uploadship.com is a platform that helps you to make money online by just uploading eBooks online. You just have to upload a couple of eBooks online and send traffic to it so that people can download it. The more they download your eBooks, the more you make more money. Get your free account on uploadship.com by clicking on this link.

Now how do you get the eBooks to upload to uploadship.com? Well, you don’t have to create your own eBooks. There is a website we can get them 100% free without paying any amount for it. That is plrmines.com and it is totally free. All you need is your active email and password. There is a lot of this you can do on plrmines.com than to just download free eBooks to make from. Click on the link at the end of this sentence to create your free account now. https://www.plrmines.com/join/

Now, let’s move to the real deal. One way to make money online by uploading eBooks for your audience to download and read. This method will not make you a millionaire as i said in the beginning, but it can add up to your multiple streams of income online. Since it requires a little or no hard work to do this. Let’s get into the game. 

create your uploadship account for free now and start making money online with free eBooks 

Make sure you have an active email address. This can be Gmail, Yahoo, Microsoft, and any other email address that is accepted and can be used over the internet. The type “uploadship.com” into your internet browser. (image 2.1 shows the homepage of unloadship.com)

make money with eBooks online
find uploadship.com

You need to create your account with your username, email address, name. The rest of your account details will be sent to you through the email submitted. These details contain your username and your password.

1 Way to Make Money Online by Uploading eBooks (works 100%)
login account details

How to get your free eBooks to upload 

You don’t need to create your own eBooks. That can take you like a year if you are not a hard thinker. there is a website that can help us do that. The name of this website is plrmines.com 

The purpose of the website you to help readers like you and me to get free eBooks on every subject and aspect of life to read. But here, we are going to use it to make some money online. You will have to create a free account to get started. Click this link to get quick access to create your account. https://www.plrmines.com/main/ 

You can even resale these eBooks and make more money. I will not go into many details here. I will prepare a full content on this website for you.

Free books to read and resale online
Get into plrmines.com

Find out what eBooks your audience wants to read and feed them with it

Now you have your uploadchip.com and plrmines.com account ready, its time to make some money with them. This mistake most people do is, they begin to share their link to anyone they know online. On their Facebook, Instagram, and other social networks. You don’t have to do that. You first have to do what online marketers call “creating awareness” to help you know the kind of people who love to read eBooks online. It is said that you can only do this with paid ads, but there is an easy and no money way you can do this on any social network you are on. You can create a poll post on Facebook, Instagram, and others. You can ask questions about reading in a post and them collect feedback and comments. You can put them together. This will help help you gather data and information from people you are going to send your eBook link to for them to download and ready. The more you get more downloads, the more money you make on Uploadship.com. 

So, i have you understood what was above and you are on your way to create your account on uploadship.com and plrmines.com. You can leave your comments below for feedbacks. Remember now spamming. You can also share this post to people you thinks this article will be of great help to.

Thank you for reading and see you in my next post.

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