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How to find your Costumers Online

Introduction to How to find your Costumers Online in 2020

How to find your costumers online is very important today. there are millions of internet users all over the world. Or even your country, a place you do your business. finding your ideal clients or costumers can be very hard. It will be very hard if you don’t know where they are. It will be very hard if you don’t know how to find them. It will be hard if you don’t know to attract them. Many people get this wrong on the online. Even if they are using paid platforms like Facebook, Google, and other marketing platforms available online. What is the #1 best way to get this right? What is the best marketing strategy to use when searching for costumers using the internet? 

Finding Hungry Fish

How to find your Costumers Online
Finding your hungry school for fish (costumers)

Many people spend a lot of their time creating the perfect product. And spend little time finding the perfect audience for that product. About 80 percent of business owners do this mistake. If you are a business owner, how much time do you spend to market your products or finding perfect costumers? You can put your answers in the comment section below. It is very important to find the perfect consumers for your perfect product. Why do you have to find your costumers online(social media, leads, and more)? The internet is now more than a place for communication. It a place also for research. Every second, the are millions of people online. And their people looking for your product to buy. So how do you get them? 

There is a lot for ways to find your hungry fish. But some are very effective and others are not. This will depend on your marketing and reach strategy. How do you go about it? Do you use a traditional or modern way? The traditional way of marketing is no more effective anymore. the use of billboards on streets and others. that is not open for discussion here. we are coming to look at how to get our hungry fish online using simple marketing strategies that are used by top marketers in the world. 

Today there are two active ways in finding your hungry fish? So, you have two options here. You can create your lake with your fishes in it. Or you can fish in someone else’s lake. if you are dropping your bait in someone else’s lake, you have to page. For example, Facebook ads, Google ads, and other paid online marketing platforms. Years back you could not have any control over this. But today these platforms have given its users full control to market to anyone. This seems to be a good opportunity for marketers like myself and business owners. Facebook and Google already have the data available, you just have to target the ones you want. For example, when doing Facebook ads, you have the power to target audiences by their interest, hobby, profession, gender, likes, and more. This applies to Google too. This lake already exits and can be used by others(your competitors). But you can create your lake. 

How do you create your lake? This is a slow way to create your lake and spawn your fish. But it will not cost you anything. But this also can take a long time to create. This can be very difficult. You have to reach your hungry fish organically using social media. You can also build your email list with your website. But it will cost you no money. That sounds good. You also have a very good bond relationship with your fish. This will make you sell to them very easily. They are also much more dedicated, you know they will never leave your lake. You have no competition with other marketers. You don’t need to put pressure on them to buy. 

So, you have to decide which one will be good for you. If you don’t have the money to do Facebook ads or Google ads, then creating your lake organically will help you. But note, it will take you a long time to build a large number of hungry fish. 

How to Drop your Bait to your Hungry Fish (costumers or audience)

When you create your lake, you have to be careful about how you throw your bait. If you through it wrongly, you can lose a large number of your fish in your lake. You don’t have to sell to them first. You have to let them know how best your bait(product) can help them. They are hungry, so your bait should be able to make them satisfied. You can from your bait with contents (content marketing) you need to get an expert in online marketing to help you do this. You have to let them know, that your bait can make them satisfied. once you get them to understand this, they will jump on it. How do you create content for online marketing? Click here to read now

How to get your audience to bait
How to get your audience to bait

When you Find a Large number of your Hungry costumers

Finding your hungry costumers can very hard if you choose to do it organically. So what do you do when you get them? You don’t have to sell hard or try to force your audience to buy. But how do you do this? This will be the article. If you want to see the next article, subscribe to my newsletter below by providing your First name and your email address. You will also win free e-Books about how to make $500 a day online if you are a beginner.

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